Active lime rotary kiln technical characteristics

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Rotary kiln according to different processing materials can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime rotary kiln.

Lime kiln (active lime rotary kiln and limestone rotary kiln) is mainly used for the activity of calcined lime and light burned dolomite.
Active lime rotary kiln technical characteristics
1.Advanced structure, low pressure loss of vertical preheater can effectively improve the effect of preheating, the decomposition rate of limestone after preheating can reach to 20-25%.The exhaust gas temperature in kiln tail can be reduced from 800℃ to 150-250 ℃ after preheating the material, the exhaust gas was transformed to the cloth bag dust collector for processing by the pipeline, to achieve the discharge standard then emmit into atmosphere, this kind of way to achieve the requirements of environmental protection;
2.Reliable combined-type scales sealing in both ends of the rotary kiln.Cold air after fully heat exchange with hot lime,as the primary air through sealed kiln hood into the rotary cylinder,waste heat of lime has been further reuse , make the air leakage coefficient is less than 10%;
3.Partition ventilation round or square upright cooler,makes the lime temperature reach to 800 c + environment temperature after cooling, which makes the lime can be easy to transport and storage .