Limestone kiln manufacturers bullish on the prospects for Sino-African trade

Promulgator: greatwall       Send date: 2014-04-18 11:15

Sino-African trade complementarities with clear.Over the past 10 years, the annual bilateral trade growth rate reached 33.6%, far higher than the same period the growth rate of the European Union trade with African and American trade with Africa.Great Wall Heavy Industry very bullish on china-africa trade investment prospects, and will provide high quality limestone rotary kiln equipment for the enterprises who willing to carry out trade and investment between China and Africa .

Working principle of limestone rotary kiln:on the one hand is burning equipment in which pulverized coal combustion to generate heat;As well as heat transfer equipment, raw materials absorb the heat of the gas for calcination. Another is conveying equipment,transfer raw material from feeding end to discharging end. And fuel combustion, heat transfer and the material movement must be reasonable coordination, to make the heat transferred to raw materials in time, in order to achieve to the purpose of high-yield, high-quality, low consumption.
From the point of the bilateral trade volume, Sino-African trade relative balance, but in the geographical distribution and trade of species is still relatively concentrated.Africa's exports to China focus on resources, such as minerals, while Chinese exports to Africa covers many fields and industries, such as construction, transportation, telecommunication and other equipment, mineral processing equipment, rotary kiln, dryer.Africa's demand for capital investment, duly brought trading opportunities for Chinese companies who efforts to shift up the value chain.