The limestone rotary kiln used for processing coal slime

Promulgator: cczg_lhfadm       Send date: 2014-04-16 11:35

 Coal slime as a by-product of the washing process, because it  has features of  high ash and water content,fine granularity,and contains more clay etc,brought inconvenience to the comprehensive utilization.Currently the vast majority of coal slime are cheap sold to local farmers, this method not only pollutes the environment ,but also waste the resource.Facing the shortage of coal resource and high price of coal, limestone kiln recycling is imminent, new technology of coal slurry drying treatment is to solve the problem that slime is difficult to  comprehensive utilization due to the high moisture of 20%-30% .

After the disposal of limestone rotary kiln, the moisture of coal slime can be reduced from 25% -28 % to 12% . Due to primary crushing,scattered, prevent wall sticking process were introduced to the limestone rotary kiln process,coal slime drying efficiency has been greatly improved,and also brought new vigor for the limestone rotary kiln industry.Coal slime after drying treatment can be used in the  mainly following respects:As raw materials processed into coal, for the use of industrial boiler or residents;As fuel for power plant foundry industry,improve fuel efficiency and economic benefits;As the brick additives, improve the hardness and compressive strength of brick;As cement additive,improve the performance of cement;Coal slime containing certain ingredients can be used as chemical raw materials.