Rotary kiln is used for sludge treatment

Promulgator: greatwall       Send date: 2014-04-10 11:16

After the sewage treatment plant for water purification , it will generate a lot of sludge and other impurities , as the water content of impurities is big,it is not easy to dispose, so how to deal with the sludge has become a important problem in front of us, now with rotary kiln equipment, sludge treatment is no longer a problem.

For the sludge with characteristics of  high moisture content, low yield, difficult to continuous drying separately. Adopting  the close processing when put the sludge into the storage bin , and maintaining the negative pressure state in the bin, so as to prevent gas leakage from the storage bin.On the basis of the original production line normal production and operation, make full use of the rotary kiln flue gas waste heat drying instead of the original material,thus avoiding the generation of dioxin.Various waste gas of the rotary kiln monitored by the environmental monitoring instrument, when they reach to the standard then discharged to the atmosphere, effectively prevent the possible existence of dust and the secondary pollution.