Lime rotary kiln technical features

Promulgator: great wall       Send date: 2014-04-08 10:47

Lime rotary kiln plays an important role in the lime production line and it is mainly used for heating the limestone with high temperature to make it produce chemical reaction. For this reason, it is also called limestone rotary is composed of cylinder body, support device, bearing device with hydraulic gear wheel, transmission device, lubrication device and sealing device, with simple structure, reliable operation and convenient automatic control.

Lime rotary kiln technical features:

1.Advanced structure, low pressure loss of vertical preheater can effectively improve the effect of preheating,the decomposition rate of limestone kiln after preheating can reach to 20-25%, and can be directly used to fine limestone in 10 to 15 mm;

2.Reliable combined-type scales seal in both ends of the rotary kiln, which makes the air leakage coefficient is less than 10%.Using composite refractory material, to reduce the radiation heat loss;

3.Filling type, round or square upright cooler partition ventilation, make the lime temperature after cooling reach to  800 c + environment temperature, easy to transport, storage, and it can preheat the secondary air into the kiln  to above 7000 c, reduce the moving parts and special material.