The maket prospect of lime rotary kiln

Promulgator: great wall       Send date: 2014-04-04 13:53

Lime kiln belongs to rotary kiln; it is main equipment to calcine active lime, composed of cylinder body, support device, bearing device with hydraulic gear wheel, transmission device, lubrication device and sealing device, with simple structure, reliable operation and convenient automatic control.


Iron and steel industry, calcium carbide industry, alumina industry, refractory materials and other industries consume a large amount of lime,and they are also the rapid development industry in the past two years .Since ancient kilns are small workshops,which not strictly in accordance with the environmental protection strategy,so they received little support from the state.While modern lime rotary kiln with functions of environmental protection, energy saving and mechanization, high degree of automation.It by using the modern technology, so it can make full use of cheap energy, especially it can use the gas that is harmful to environment as a major energy,turning waste into treasure.This will not only be able to protect the environment, but also the lime produced by it with good quality.So the modern lime rotary kilnhas wide maket prospect.


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