Lime rotary kiln dust removal and environment protection

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smoke emissions from the lime calcination contains a large number of harmful gas and dust under 10 microns, and the dust contains SO2,F2O3,AIO3, etc.These harmful gases and dust are very harmful to humans if people long-term inhalation can cause respiratory diseases, and the dust float in the air also contains carcinogens, if breathing average concentration exceeds 150 mg/m3 of harmful dust in 24 hours will cause fatal damage to the body.


New technology lime rotary kiln, its main advantages are low energy consumption, high yield, good quality, the biggest advantage is easy to remove dust.Because it is carried throughout the calcination process in a sealed container, the flue gas can be discharged from flue gas pipe in the top of the kiln, through the dust purification, and then achieve harmless, non-polluting emissions standards.
Automatic control is one of the important characteristics of new technology lime rotary kiln,its feeding, ingredients, air supply, gas supply, discharge dust are all through the computer automatic control .For the promotion of new technology lime rotary kiln, the first thing to solve the problem of conception and cognition. it is the need of society, also the need of enterprise benefit.