Great wall energy saving rotary kiln

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As one industry leader in the domestic mining machinery manufacturer, Zhengzhou Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. masters the latest rotary kiln market information through a series of market research, and from the actual situation, and is committed to high-tech research and development of energy saving and environmental protection rotay kiln.


The working principle of the Energy saving rotary kiln :

The Energy saving rotary kiln in the calcination zone,using the heat which discharged from the material reaction preheater the air into the heat exchanger device of the kiln body , preheated air from the discharge end of the kiln head into the rotary kiln ,to supply heat for the mateiral in the back section of the rotary kiln .


The advantages of this rotary kiln :

using advanced technology to reduce production costs , adopting the most advanced hydraulic gear wheel device in the system, . Externally heated rotary kiln material not in direct contact with the flame and smoke, heat between the furnace and the cylinder,it through the heat-resistant steel to heat the material, the furnace lined with refractory fiber, which can save energy and reduce consumption. and it is easy to operate, Thermal stability of the system, improving the equipment operation rate. 


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