The rotary kiln used in cement industry

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Rotary kiln is a kind of thermal Equipment, it is widely used in the fields of cement, Nonferrous Metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory material, chemical materials, paper making.Rotary kiln used in the production of cement clinker can be divided into wet and dry process.In the process of cement clinker calcining, using different ways according to the cement clinker formation conditions,rotary kiln as the final cement clinker calcining equipment, play an important role for cement production.


Rotary kiln with tilting rotary cylinder, raw material added from the cylinder of the high-end, with the rotary kiln continuous running, the material movement from high-end to low-end gradually.Rotary kiln is a more uniform temperature field, it transfers the heat to the material by three ways of radiation, heat convection and conduction,so it can satisfy the heat transfer requirements in various stages of cement clinker formation process.
rotary kiln is not only the main equipment for calcining cement clinker,it can also degrade poisonous and hazardous waste discharged by chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Because it has high temperature and thermal fields where the airflow stagnation time longer.
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