The development direction of lime rotary kiln

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 “People-oriented, respect for life” is the sign of the modern civilization. Environmental protection and clean production of the lime rotary kiln is the civilization production performance of the enterprise , creating SAZ production conditions, improving the work environment is a major responsibility of the enterprise, but also for social obligations.


The main pollution sources of the lime rotary kiln are noise, dust and flue gas, etc., the enterprise who use lime kiln also note that high temperature and exhaust fumes.Modern lime kiln should put the reducing carbon emissions in the first place, and also pay attention to reducing the noise and dust.
Now, whether agricultural or industrial are all require pollution-free operation.Developed countries have strict requirements for discharge of pollutants according to the index of air. Lime rotary kiln as a large machinery equipment, if the manufacturer not handle properly, it will cause a serious impact.
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